Motorists targeted by email scam


Email asking to confirm identity from ‘DVLA’ is scam.

The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have confirmed that thousands of Driving Licence holders have received falsified emails stating that they will lose their license if they fail to check and confirm personal details online.

Within the email, a link is said to be contained which will instruct their target victim to fill out a form, including his/her licence number and more seriously, credit/debit card details which could potentially lead to identity theft.

In a statement, the DVLA have confirmed that “We don’t send e-mails with links to websites asking you to confirm your driving licence number or payment information.” We would strongly advise any of our members that if they receive any such emails, that they do not click on the link, but delete the email immediatly.

The Government takes all reports of organisations seeking to mislead the public and act illegally very seriously and investigate all allocations though the Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Service. The culprits of these sort of scams, once caught are likely to be imprisoned.

The unfortunate thing with scams of this nature is that they are generally on more than one level. The DVLA are aware of a number of websites which are emulating their own official sites. Websites that will "help" check licence applications are correctly completed and others that are targeting road tax applications.


How do I avoid these online scams?

By using the GOV.UK website instead of generic search engines, you can be sure you are dealing directly with the DVLA and no additional fees will be charged. As for scam emails, always be vigilant from who they are coming from. If you are unsure, telephone the company, or in this instance the DVLA by finding their number from the telephone directory, yellow pages, or their legitimate website.

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